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This is your opportunity to express what are your child's and your family's needs. The intention behind these questions is to to determine if we (you as a family, and we in WeFlow and inside TheraParent) could be a good fit.


Help your child develop better movement and postural control with a gentle but effective therapy that you do at home.

Learn the best strategies to boost your child’s development and become the best therapist for your child in the TheraParent Coaching.
In TheraParent Coaching, I help parents of children with cerebral palsy and other conditions, so they can boost their child’s development, improve their movement and postural control and quality of life with a therapy that is gentle and effective.
You are an ambitious parent and you want the best for your child:

With TheraParent you will:

- Learn a powerful way to improve your child’s movement, posture and quality of life.

- Master the techniques to improve your child’s fascial system. 

- Develop skills to practice motor milestones with your child in a gentle and respectful way. 

- Belong to a like-minded community of parents that are sharing similar paths, sharing experiences, challenges and successes. 

- Transform how you see and understand your child’s condition and develop a positive mindset to help your child go beyond expectations.

Please take a minute to complete the form below & let me know more about your child. I'll review your application and evaluate whether TheraParent Coaching is a good fit for you. 
If YES, I'll send you ALL the details & everything you need to get started if you're ready. Including instant access to a my MasterClass recording "How to help your child improve movement posture and quality of life with Fascia Therapy" and learn about the TheraParent Method - my proprietary system to teach you ALL about fascia therapy. 
With this, you will be able to help your child by working at your own pace and in the comfort of your home.

Apply to get the TheraParent Coaching enrollment details and access to the MasterClass "How to help your child improve movement, posture and quality of life with Fascia Therapy"

About your child 
This is your opportunity to express what are your child's and your family's needs. The intention behind these questions is to to determine if we (you as a family, and we in WeFlow and inside TheraParent) could be a good fit. 

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What TheraParent members are saying...

We consistently began the program around June. He began swimming independently with arm floats and a swimming suit this summer. He was able to hold his head up, without us being concerned of the head going back or forth into the water. Just recently he has begun to use his hands/wrists to hold to the side of the potty seat while lifting head, scooting bottom and helping to stand off the potty for me to pick him up. Same with getting off his tricycle. Bowels move great. He’s quite happy and content with all of the massages! He also sits in front of me with hardly any support while he reads and colors and such!

Jennie, mom of Caleb
from Mississippi USA 

We have seen an overall improvement in how our daughter tolerates things much better than she used to, whether it be interactions with people, movements or certain positions. We have learned in the program how important small movements of the spine are and this is a big improvement we have seen. We have seen some changes in the shape of her body, which is a result of the therapy. Our daughter's sleep has definitely improved and she has also shown more interest in our general daily life over this time. 

a mom from Australia

Knowing that I am doing the best for my son is what empowers me the most.
The constant contact with the parents community and Mariana helps us solve our doubts and everyday challenges.
Since starting the program and applying the ideas shared my son is now able to be in his stroller more comfortably, he is more active, uses more his hands and has more control. 
My son doesn’t know we are doing this therapy as we do the exercises while he sleeps. 

Gaby, Mom of Leo 
from Mexico 

TheraParent Method has completely changed how I see and help kids like yours! 

Hi - I’m Mariana!

As a Paediatric Physical Therapist, I've been working with children with cerebral palsy and other developmental challenges for over 25 years. 

From the beginning, I was eager to learn and develop the best therapeutic toolbox to help my little patients. I was doing my best, pouring my heart into each therapy session and trying to help each child as much as possible. Twelve years into my practice were enough to acknowledge that my strategies were only sometimes working. I was doing my best, but that wasn't enough, especially with the more challenged children. 

This was when I learned about fascia and its essential role in controlling movement and posture. I went through a complete transformation from being a therapist trying to "fix" a child to understand the child's healing potential and, more importantly, recognizing that parents could be the best therapists for their children. 

I changed the way I was seeing the kids, and the strategies to help them. The results were mind blowing! Parents, therapists and doctors were amazed. But beyond that, the transformation happening in the families, beyond the child, became my biggest motivation. 

For over a decade, I've taught parents, like you, how to do fascia therapy with their children. I've done it in different styles: groups, private training, online, and courses. 

Today with my TheraParent Coaching, I am combining the best of all that: a customized program for your child, delivered online so you can learn at your own pace, but with regular support and coaching and, the best part, with a like-minded community of parents that are sharing their experience, wins, challenges and more. 

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